MSc by Research in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences student, Rohan, has written about her research, ‘Characterization of Novel Melatonin receptor subtype ligands in established glioblastoma cell lines U-251 and U87.’

My research primarily focuses on characterising and establishing the role of Novel Melatonin receptor subtype ligands in Glioblastomas.

Melatonin has demonstrated many pleiotropic physiological functions in many cancers and within diverse brain cells, seems to play a vital role within the control of the malignant phenotype of gliomas that can lead to excitotoxicity, neuronal-degeneration and epileptic seizures via pro-convulsive agents that are released within the vicinity of neurons.

Targeting the melatonergic system offers a great therapeutic opportunity as it has been shown to have various pharmacological effects e.g. inhibiting cancer invasion and metastasis.

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