In a bid to raise awareness of the challenges faced by diabetics, researchers from the University of Lincoln, UK, held an exploratory workshop with healthcare professionals from Diabetes UK, diabetic patients, artists and carers.

With approximately 4.5 million people living with diabetes in the UK, there is a higher prevalence of people living with the disease in the east of England, particularly in a stretch from East Anglia to the city of Hull.

Despite ongoing diabetes research and advancements in clinical practice, diabetes prevalence is on the rise. The aim of the workshop was to identify a suitable storyline for two-way communication through forum theatre, which would showcase the life of a patient with diabetes, challenges they face and how such adversities could either be addressed or prevented.

Discussions from the workshop were captured in the video below.


It is hoped the storyline will be developed in a second workshop, which could then be performed for the public using forum theatre, to allow effective public engagement.

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