The University of Lincoln’s School of Pharmacy hosted the British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (BPSA) Eastern Area Conference on Saturday 30th March 2019.

Founded in 1942, the BPSA is a national body that represents pharmacy students and pre-registration trainees.

Saffah, a Year 2 MPharm student at Lincoln and BPSA National Representative, attended the event on behalf of the School of Pharmacy and wrote about her experience at the conference.

It was great to interact with so many students from a variety of Universities who attended the event – the topic was ‘The Future of Pharmacy’. Speakers included Lincoln’s own Penny Mosley and Ian Jackson and Prof Clive Roberts – Pharmacy Head of School for the University of Nottingham.

Guest speakers delivered captivating presentations throughout the conference, all of which sparked many questions from the audience, particularly the topic of 3D printing in pharmacy. Other activities included open floor discussions and debates, as well as group activities in which each group was asked to discuss their perspectives and personal experiences regarding herbal medicine and to deliver a short presentation on their ideas and expectations for the future of pharmacy.

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I found it insightful to learn how the specific qualities of Pharmacists can help to reduce a loss in NHS funds and the importance of having Pharmacists within primary care and other clinical roles.

The stigma of herbal medication regardless of evidence-base was a point of focus when discussing alternative forms of treatment for certain conditions. The use of mistletoe in pancreatic cancer in several countries was an intriguing learning point. Delegates were informed this was a subject that has sparked great debate amongst professionals, involving reference to several guidelines and Cochrane Reviews.

Having the chance to network with like-minded individuals and practise public speaking skills were just two of the benefits of attending such an event. Overall, the event was very informative and allowed for the opportunity to understand pharmacy beyond the structure of our course and discuss the expectations of our evolving profession.

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